Killing Gaza

“A moralizing and heart-wrenching call to action” –McGill Daily


Independent journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen documented the assault on Gaza during the war and chronicled its horrific aftermath. As they waded through the rubble of Gaza’s destroyed border regions, they turned a camera onto the survivors of the slaughter and let them speak for themselves.

Dan returned, week after week, to capture on film the daily struggles of the people of Gaza as they suffered through one of the worst winters in recorded history, and then weathered the sweltering summer heat without electricity and — in many cases — without homes.

While giving voice to the pain of a people under siege, we also highlight their inspiring acts of creative resistance, from painting to break-dancing to literature, that allow them maintain their humanity in the face of deprivation and war.

Killing Gaza is much more than a documentary about Palestinian resilience and suffering. It is a chilling visual document of war crimes committed by the Israeli military featuring direct testimony and evidence from the survivors, delivered to them often just days after escaping indiscriminate shelling, bombings and summary executions.


Killing Gaza was created by journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen
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Max Blumenthal

Director, Writer

Max Blumenthal is a senior editor of the Grayzone Project at AlterNet, and the award-winning author of Goliath, Republican Gomorrah, and The 51 Day War.

dan cohen killing gaza

Dan Cohen

Cinematographer, Editor

Dan Cohen is a journalist and filmmaker.

A documentary film about life under siege

Where can I see Killing Gaza?

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Killing Gaza

As of January 2018, we have been submitting Killing Gaza for consideration to a wide array of international film festivals. Because we want this documentary to be seen by as many people as possible, we are also arranging a series of preview screenings for exclusive audiences across North America and Europe.

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What are people saying about Killing Gaza?

After attending an exclusive screening at Montreal’s Concordia University, Hani Abramson of the McGill Daily had this to say about Killing Gaza:

“Through the act of documentary filmmaking, the different layers of reality merged into a moralising and heart-wrenching call to action… The documentary immerses the viewer into a complex, dense truth that one cannot simply choose to look away from or wander off onto the next ‘most important subject.’ In the age of catchphrase articles and minute-long news reports, Killing Gaza calls for us to take the time to consciously inform ourselves on current issues in a deeper, more diligent way. Despite the formal limits of filmmaking in fully communicating lived experience, the film reveals Gaza’s pain and encourages viewers to ponder on what acts of solidarity have impact.”

Read the full review and stay tuned for more.

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